Coffee Membership

The Harrisons Coffee Membership gets you coffees FIRST!  Yep, you heard it, before they are introduced thru our website, cafes and to the general public, you will have the opportunity to try these coffees and get your hands on more for your loved ones.  Nothing says I love you more than sharing a cup of coffee. 

Each coffee will be roasted no longer than 48 hours before it is shipped to you.  This ensures you get all the flavours that this coffee can possibly present during its life.  (Coffee changes as it ages for about the first 3-5 weeks it continues to get better) 












What are the Benefits?

  • Variety As mentioned above, we will ensure you never have the same coffee twice in one year.  As you know, variety is the spice of life.

  • You can customize your subscription to ensure you don't run out ever!  You decide how many bags are delivered each month and on the first Wednesday of each month (Second Wednesday if the first of the month is a Wednesday), we deliver!!  If you are in Winnipeg proper, our friends at Sablewood will hand deliver your coffee to your home so you finish that week strong.  If you are outside of Winnipeg proper, Canada Post will do the heavy lifting and ensure your coffee arrives within 3-5 business days.

  • You don't have to worry about forgetting coffee on your grocery run.  We totally understand, like you, we have forgotten to get things when we go to the grocery store, and coffee is not one of those things that you ever want to forget.  It is that important.

  • You get First dibs on some amazing Coffees.  Like finding out your best friend is pregnant before she tells her spouse.  Or your buddy has just bought the car of his dreams and you know before he tells his partner!  ou get it first!!

  • Consistency. You get to know us. We strive for elegance and I personally guarantee you will only receive exceptional coffees delivered to your door.  This is non-negotiable.

  • Fun. You will get an interactive platform that we will engage with you.  We will ask for your thoughts on coffees, you will have an opportunity to share what you are tasting in your cup, and maybe even get to name a coffee blend or two.  Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

Welcome to an introduction of what we believe to be the most adventurous coffee subscription regardless of how you drink your coffee, we got you.

At Harrisons, we believe you don't know what you don't know.  That is OK, as we don't either.  That is why we created the Harrisons Coffee Membership.  The Harrisons Coffee Membership ensures you are introduced to a new and exciting coffee each month.  A coffee that our roasting team has selected due to first and foremost its quality, flavours and overall balance.

The Harrisons Coffee Membership coffees are hand selected by the Roasting team lead by Al (Owner) and Simon (Lead Roaster) after working with our suppliers to find only special coffees that are full of flavour, diverse in where they are from, traceable, ethically sourced and divers in how they can be roasted.  After we select the coffee that we think is right for our members, we will profile the coffee to ensure we find the best balance, while enhancing the natural characteristics of the coffee.  Ensuring you get a great cup every time.