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Welcome the most adventurous coffee subscription ever. Regardless of how you drink your coffee,
we got you.

The Harrisons Coffee Membership ensures you are introduced to a new and exciting coffee each month. A coffee that our roasting team has selected due to its quality, flavours, and overall balance.​



Exclusive First Tastes

Yep, that’s right! Before they are introduced through our website, cafes, and to the general public, you will have the opportunity to try and purchase.

Freshness Guarantee

We promise that each coffee in your subscription will be roasted no longer than 48 hours before it is shipped to you. This ensures you get fresh-tasting coffee in every cup. (Coffee changes as it ages; it will continue to get better over the next month, just in time for your next shipment).

Expertly Picked

The Harrisons Coffee Membership coffees are hand-selected by our Roasting Team leads, Al (Owner) and Simon (Lead Roaster), who work with our suppliers to find specialty coffees that are full of flavour, diverse in origin, traceable, ethically sourced, and diverse in how they can be roasted. The Roasting Team then profiles the selected coffee to ensure we find the best balance while enhancing the natural characteristics of the coffee.


If you’re anything like us, you’ll know you can have more than one favourite roast. We will ensure you never have the same coffee twice in one year. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Customized for you

You can customize your subscription to ensure you don't ever run out of coffee. You decide how many bags you’d like each month, and they’ll be shipped on the first Wednesday of each month* (second Wednesday if the first of the month is a Wednesday).

* Winnipeg: our friends at Sablewood will hand-deliver your coffee to your home

* Outside of Winnipeg: Canada Post will do the heavy lifting and ensure your coffee arrives within 3-5 business days.


​We strive for elegance and personally guarantee you will only receive exceptional coffees delivered to your door. This is non-negotiable.

Be a part of the Roasting Team

We know you love coffee as much as we do, so we want to hear from you. Engage with us on social, and share your thoughts on what you’ve tasted each month. Maybe we’ll let you name a blend or two…

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