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At Harrisons Coffee Co., we believe that selling great coffee is a choice and that when you choose to sell Harrisons Coffee, you are choosing a partner that will work hard to see you succeed. 

Partnership to us does not mean you are just looking to sell Harrisons coffee in a cafe or use it within a corporate setting. To us, it means you are looking to establish a partnership with a like-minded company of people that will take time to understand what you are trying to achieve, and then help you achieve it. Then our partner specialist and coffee director work with you to create coffee flavours, bean selections, and profiles (recipes) that can be customized for your cafe and/or business. You are also able to use our staples such as TINY DANCER and 18 ESPRESSO to make sure you have a solid foundation.


With our in-depth experience, our team can assist you in preparing
operational standards for brewing, daily operations, and creating standards
for your business. 


We will prepare a branded partner drink training guide and will provide hands-on training with your team as part of our commitment to your success.  

Equipment and Maintenance Resources

We have the pleasure of working with some great partners that can provide
equipment and maintenance for any size of operation and are more than
happy to help you from start to finish on setting up and getting running.

We are thrilled to help satisfy the need you might have in getting serious (and having fun) with coffee.

If interested in learning more about our partnership experience and how we can help you standardize your business, inquire below or TEXT Al @ 204-290-2402 to set up a time to talk.


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