We believe in being kind. In words and actions, no gesture of kindness is ever too small. A drop of water concentrated in one spot can break through a rock, causing an avalanche. So too can a small act of kindness make the difference between someone struggling and someone thriving.

We believe in leaving things better than we found them. Every day and in every way, we want to move the needle to inspire others and ourselves to do better and to be better, in the never-ending pursuit of leaving people, places, and things closer to what’s possible.

We believe in being part of the solution. Problems can be found everywhere. We look past them, to where the solutions lie. We have already faced many challenges and hurdles, and reaching beyond them, we have overcome them. Our focus is on the solutions, making problems just interesting curves in the road.

We believe in taking care of ourselves and one another. We are not perfect at it, but we know we can’t fill a cup unless the pot is full. The same is true for our personal reserves in mind and body. We all have much potential to contribute, so we need to be prepared with clear thinking and ready energy.

We believe that luxury should be fun. Luxury should be both sophisticated and playful, not reserved for special occasions, but for the everyday rituals that turn ordinary moments into moments that matter. Everyone needs these moments, loaded with details, each unique and personal.

We believe we rise only when we lend a helping hand. We have benefitted from the help of many, and now it’s our turn to pay it forward. Success is cemented when we have contributed to the success of others, one conversation and one gesture at a time, laying a foundation for them to stand upon in our communities.

We believe in boundless learning and curiosity. Life is a messy work in progress. No one is faultless, and every mistake reveals the next best step. We will learn and try new things regardless of the bumps and bruises that may result. The most interesting of people, places, and things are perfectly imperfect.

We believe each messy step must be enriched with gratitude and love. We strive for the people around us: the family we have been blessed with, those who surround us in our everyday world and friends we have not yet met. We value the ordinary beauty around us. To each and all, to the incredible and the mundane, we are so grateful.

We believe in celebrating every day with radical optimism. All wins, big and small, are worthy of a high five. The moments that make us laugh until we cry, and cry until we laugh, are what make a story worth telling, hearing, and living.

                           Here’s to the daily grind, living one cup at a time. Let’s grab a coffee!

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