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A behind the scenes look at Harrisons Coffee roasting in our Roasting Atelier.

Starting with the path of coffee from bean to cup.  Learn the craft of roasting coffee, starting with bean selection to walking through and completing a roast on Natalie (our San Franciscan Artisan Coffee Roaster) with Al Dawson (owner) and Simon (Head Roaster) while learning about the 3 phases of roasting coffee & actually seeing the transformation of the green beans to coffee, then formally tasting the finished product all while learning about cup balance and how the Sweetness, Acidity, Bitterness of the green coffee are enhanced throughout the roasting process.

We will together complete 2 roasts.  The first will be on a sample roaster (San Franciscan SF1) where when finished, we will taste the fresh roasted coffee and talk about the flavours, and characteristics of the cup.  once we have decided what we feel should be different and why.  We will transfer our discussion using the knowledge gained over to our batch roaster (Natalie) and roast a 20 lbs batch of coffee then taste all over again and discuss what is different.

The experience is approximately 2 hours in length and advance reservations are required. Roasting Experiences are in full swing with a maximum  number of participants capped at 2 unless previously discussed with the roasting team for approval.

Experience includes:

  • Take home a bag of Harrisons freshly roasted coffee of your choice.

  • Served during the experience: a coffee beverage of choice and pastries.

  • A basic guide on Roasting Coffee so that you can continue your journey on learning more about coffee. Just as we are.

Simon at the Controls
Sight Glass
Al Roasting
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