A behind the scenes look at Harrisons roasting experience in ourRoasting Atelier.  Learn the craft of roasting coffee, starting withbean selection to walking through and completing a roast on Natalie(our San Franciscan Artisan Coffee Roaster) with Al Dawson(owner) and Simon (Head Roaster) while learning about the 3phases of roasting coffee & actually seeing the transformation ofthe green beans to coffee, then formally tasting the finished product.The experience is approximately 2 hours in length and advancereservations are required. Roasting Experiences start January2021, maximum guests per experience is four.
Experience includes:• Take home a bag of Harrisons freshly roasted coffeeof your choice.• Served during the experience: a coffee beverage ofchoice and pastries.
Within 48 hours of ordering, you will receive an email requesting information about the people you will be gifting the experience too.  You will also receive a PDF Gift Certificate so you have something to give on Christmas day
On Jan 8th, 2021 the receiver will receive an email asking them to select their preferred date for attending the Roasting Experience.  Experiences are limited to 4 people per experience and experiences will be added as they fill up.
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Coffee Roasting Experience