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1. Scan the QR code to learn about the coffees

2. Find the desired coffee in the machine

3. Press the Green Circle on the bottom right of the yellow block

4. Make your selection for the desired coffee

5. Item will drop to the bottom

6.Grab your coffee and enjoy!!

NOTE:  If your coffee does not drop, you will NOT be charged!!!



Manana new.JPG

We know that we can’t live a modern life in this state, so we have come up with the perfect blend from Central America to give you the drive needed to get it done today! This chocolatey, nutty coffee presents a very slight fruit finish and offers a spectacular mouthfeel.


Flavour Notes: Chocolate, Nuts, and Fruit


Red Door.JPG

Looking for a coffee that takes you where you are Loved, Respected and Cared for? Red Door is your coffee. This coffee gives you a place that you can Live, Laugh and Learn.  When you look at it from the outside, it is just a coffee. Yet it is really a Home.


Red Door is our new Espresso blend that encompasses flavours of Chocolate, Red Wine and Blackberries.  It is everything that you would hope for in a coffee.

Flavour Notes: Chocolate, Red Wine, Blackberries


Santa Monica bag.JPG

Jario Arcilla a 3rd generatoin farmer owns this farm "Santa Monica" located at 1600 MASL in Armenia in the department of Quindio Colombia where he grows mostly the Castillo variety. This washed coffee starts with a 24 hours fermentation, then dried until the bean achieves the target of 10.5% moisture


Flavour Notes:  Red Apples, Chocolate and Dried Apricots or Plums.


Also available "At Home"


Bear Hug bag.JPG

Harrisons Coffee Co. believes in giving back to the community. Our community is one with polar bears in it. This coffee contributes $2 from every bag to the Polar Bear Fund founded by artist and activist Kal Barteski. This label is designed by Kal with polar bears in mind.

Flavour notes: Chocolate, Brown Sugar


To learn more about the Polar Bear Fund, please visit


La FLorida.JPG

This Decaffinated coffee comes from La Florida, Huila, Aceveda, Colombia. The farmer Gilbert Rojas won second place in the 2015 Cup of Excellence and is well known for his immaculate growing conditions and processing methods

The decaffeination process is known as Cane Sugar decaf which is the use of cane sugar to create ethyl acetate to decaffeinate the coffee, then wash and dry the coffee.  This process we believe preserves the most flavour in the coffee.

Flavour notes: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnuts, Caramelized Bananas


Untitled design (27).png

This Natural processed TYPICA variety from Cosautlan de Carvajal in Veracruz Mexico is grown at an average altitude of 1350 MASL on a very small farm of 19 Hectares comes this incredibly sweet and flavourful cup of coffee from third-generation farmer Carlos Cadena.


There is a focus on sustainability of the land with a large commitment ot reusing as much of the by-product of the coffee as possible.  Things such as cherry pulp being put turned back into compost and recycling water.


This coffee reminds me of Milk Chocolate, Strawberry and Plum


Pura Vida.JPG

This particular Geisha lot was specially prepared using a cool temperature natural processing method. After the coffees are picked, they are rinsed and placed inside of sealed tanks and kept in a shaded area of the farm where the temperature of the tanks never exceeds 15 degrees Celsius. This method of fermenting causes increased complexity in flavour without introducing wild and non-traditional coffee-type flavours that sometimes occur. Long story short, this is a delicious coffee with interesting red berry, floral & tropical fruit notes. Pura Vida


Variety : Geisha

MASL :  1600

Process : Cool Anaerobic Natural

Method : Patio

Time : 14 days


To learn more about this coffee inclluding price transparency, please go to


Untitled design (29).png

This selection includes a $20 Gift Certificate that is valid for any one of our cafes, as well as a Complimentary Drink certificate that is good for any hand-crafted drink at one of our cafes.  

The perfect gift for the on the go, or the last minute.  

In this world of busy, let us help you make it easy...


Dream Big.png

This coffee was put together in collaboration with the Dream Factory ( to help raise money for terminally ill children's dreams come true.  We couldn't be happier than ot align ourselves with this local Charity.

This coffee reminds me of: Chocolate, Coffee


Abakundakawa pic.JPG

THis is the second year we have brought in this women-lead coffee from Rwanda.  We were so impressed year one, that when it became available, we jumped all over it.  It is big and has chocolate written all over it. This cooperative from the Abakundakawa washing station founded in 2004 in the Gakenke district of Rwanda has a very distinct micro-climate, high elevation, and rich volcanic soil that contribute to this very sweet, balanced cup.


Reminds me of: Chocolate, Green Apple, and Kiwi (with a floral nose



From the Gayo Highland comes this Organic womens led cooperative started by Ibu Rahmah in 2009 with 37 farmers. Now, with close to 2000, they fight together for more rights, better pay and better quality coffee. In a region known for oppression, Rahmah is creating an environment where women can succeed.

Reminds me of: Lime, Ginger and Cacao

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