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1. Scan the QR code to learn about the coffees

2. Find the desired coffee in the machine

3. Press the Green Circle on the bottom right of the yellow block

4. Make your selection for the desired coffee

5. Item will drop to the bottom

6.Grab your coffee and enjoy!!

NOTE:  If your coffee does not drop, you will NOT be charged!!!



Manana new.JPG

We know that we can’t live a modern life in this state, so we have come up with the perfect blend from Central America to give you the drive needed to get it done today! This chocolatey, nutty coffee presents a very slight fruit finish and offers a spectacular mouthfeel.


Flavour Notes: Chocolate, Nuts, and Fruit


Red Door.JPG

Looking for a coffee that takes you where you are Loved, Respected and Cared for? Red Door is your coffee. This coffee gives you a place that you can Live, Laugh and Learn.  When you look at it from the outside, it is just a coffee. Yet it is really a Home.


Red Door is our new Espresso blend that encompasses flavours of Chocolate, Red Wine and Blackberries.  It is everything that you would hope for in a coffee.

Flavour Notes: Chocolate, Red Wine, Blackberries


Bear Hug bag.JPG

Harrisons Coffee Co. believes in giving back to the community. Our community is one with polar bears in it. This coffee contributes $2 from every bag to the Polar Bear Fund founded by artist and activist Kal Barteski. This label is designed by Kal with polar bears in mind.

Flavour notes: Chocolate, Brown Sugar


To learn more about the Polar Bear Fund, please visit


Untitled design (29).png

This selection includes a $20 Gift Certificate that is valid for any one of our cafes, as well as a Complimentary Drink certificate that is good for any hand-crafted drink at one of our cafes.  

The perfect gift for the on the go, or the last minute.  

In this world of busy, let us help you make it easy...

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