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Third and Bird Lineup

We are Thrilled to be bringing you a market of Firsts.  We will be the first to offer transparency on coffee pricing for select Single Origin coffees.  We will be offering coffees that have not been seen in Canada before or even outside of the country and region where the coffee was grown.  And finally we will be offering Manitobans some of the most fun, coffees and stories that go with them, that have never made there way into Manitoba before.

We hope you enjoy the coffees we have curated to bring to the 2022 Third and Bird market.  We look forward to sharing these with you.

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This is the first time coffee has ever been exported from Mae Chedi Thailand and we have brought to to Manitoba.  The only other place this coffee has been served outside of Thailand was recently at the Coffee Expo in Boston where we roasted 6 kg for one of our suppliers.

This coffee reminds me of Cashews, Lemon and Lime flavours without the acidity.  This coffee is sweet and is a great all day coffee and a really nice entry into specialty coffee


Another Manitoba first, Purple dinosaur is a coffee that we brought in based on the huge success of Green Dragon.  This Indonesian coffee is full of Chocolate and cherrys.  This coffee is grown in Flores which is an Island of the South East Coast of indonesia and on the West side Kamado Dragons still roam wild.

This coffee is Wet hulled and is a very clean flavoourful cup of what the very popular Sumatra coffee.

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Las Margaritas is owned by siblings, Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera, third-generation coffee producers, who come from a long-standing coffee-producing family. Their grandparents started their careers in coffee in 1945 at Potosi farm another coffee that Harrisons carries on regular basis.

This coffee is well rounded with some light acidity and reminiscant of Red Apple. and Brown Sugar.


Partner Farmer

This coffee is from the Santuario Project lead by fermentation expert  Camillo Merizalde.  This coffee is from Camillos own farm in Mexico and is super fun and flavourful.

This coffee is double Anaerobically fermented and then naturally processed making sure the mouthfeel is rich with bright Strawberry candy flavours finishing with a hint of citrus to balance out the sweetness.

We have carried at least one of Camillos coffees since we started Harrisons and always will as long as it is available for us to buy.

Kiss Me label.JPG
Red Door label.JPG

Red Door is our house Espresso.  It is a blend of coffees from Guatemala, Brazil and Ethiopia.

Red Door is named after my house having a red front door and we want this coffee to take you to a place that you feel welcome and cherished.  As you would a guest in my house.

This coffee reminds me of Chocolate, Red Wine and Blackberries. 

Drink Preperation

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