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Harrisons is named after our family dog Harrison.  Harrison was a soft coated wheaton terrier and was the epitomy of LOYAL.  Harrison was so loyal to his family that he would do whatever he needed to do to make his family feel welcomed, safe and valuable.  This is why when we were working towards a program that we could put forward to our guests that celebrated making us their first choice, LOYALTY was the only word that made sense.

Loyalty means the world to us at Harrisons and with that in mind, our Loyalty Program is to celebrate those who have been and continue to be loyal to Harrions.  This program in the simplest form, is our way of thanking you our guest for choosing Harrisons for your coffee, tea, snack, a place to meet a friend or simply a break in your day.


Come into any Harrisons location and when placing your order ask to be a part of our Loyalty program.  We will then collect some simple information from you: first name, last name, and your phone number.  After we input your info into our system, you will be given the option to receive a card for swiping, or alternatively when placing your order at Harrisons, just give your phone number allowing us to find you in our system to earn you Loyalty points. Once you have started acquiring, Harrisons loyalty points can be redeemed towards anything in our cafes.

You will accumulate points for buying anything in our cafes with the exception of Gift Cards.  Your account will receive 9 points for every pre-tax $1.00 spent. These Loyalty points DO NOT have a cash value and can only be redeemed for products, or services in one of our cafes.


It means, that as things change, what is consistent is that we will continue to celebrate those who choose Harrisons.  It is our way of making sure you know that you are always important to us.  Whether you drink your Harrisons coffee at home, taking it outside , or in one of our beautiful cafes, we will always recognize your loyalty to our brand and your decision to choose excellence.


Harrisons will NOT under any circumstance share your personal information with any third party or person that is not acting under our direction and or with us to provide better service to you without your previous consent.

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