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Christmas Coffees

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Stocking Stuffer

This Christmas coffee is the perfect blend of Naughty and Nice making sure you had a great time, yet nice enough for the Big Guy not to forget you.  It combines two very special coffees that were hand sorted and when blended together give you more than you could ever hope for.  Make sure you make a bag of Stocking Stuffer part of your Holiday season. 

Christmas Gift Box

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This wrapped gift box, you will find 2 bags of specialty coffee that have been selected for their flavour profile and the ability to blend them in different ways that will give multiple experiences.  Feeling Naughty, go a little more Chocolatey.  Acting Nice?  well you deserve the fruitiness that  is available in real specialty coffee. 

Not sure how you are feeling? We got you.  add some Naughty and a little nice to get a balanced cup of coffee that could change your world.  We are so impressed with the possibilities that can come out of these two coffees that we had to give them to you in one box.  


Also included in the box is a Christmas Ornament and a card that explains the two coffees and what the characteristics are of each of them to help you make the perfect blend for your mood.

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This Natural Processed Castillo coffee comes from an educational micro mill that is owned by Banexport. This micromill educates farmers on how to make more money for their coffee and pays them more at the same time (Anywhere between 1.3 to 1.7 X the value to encourage only the best practices)  Banexport also pays for the coffee upon the whole cherries arriving at the mill so that farmers do not have to take short term loans that could cost upwards of 70% interest.

This specific coffee is from the farm Napoles owned by Teodelinda Arce Flor and now managed by her son Darly in the village of Los Pinos.  After being picked, the cherries are fermented for 48 hours in concrete tanks that have been sealed with plastic, then dried until the desirable moisture is achieved of 10.2%

We have roasted this coffee to a level that we feel presents all of the extraordinary flavours and balances them out with good sweetness and low acidity making it a great coffee to drink on its own, or blend with a little Naughty.

This coffee reminds us of Fresh Cranberries and oranges with a big body

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This fully washed coffee was cultivated in the Lake Atitlan region in Guatemala's highlands. The Atitlan region is known for its excellent volcanic soils that produce some of the world’s finest coffees. This lot came from Cerro Lancandon Chochajau, a farm operation that cultivates over 33 hectares with 27 producers contributing to the farm.  This coffee is a variety of Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai & Typica

The lake is surrounded by 12 Indigenous villages, inhabited by predominantly Kakchiquel and Tz’utujil. Traditional clothing is worn in the villages around the

lake. Its location at 1,600 Meters above sea level and proximity to the equator provides a year-round, spring-like climate.  It is often called the “Land of Eternal Spring” for its exceptional weather. There are 22 distinctive linguistic groups, not dialects, but completely different languages that are spoken around the lake.

When blended with Nice the chocolate notes in this coffee stand out more than ever until you try it on its own. 

This coffee reminds us of milk chocolate, ripe pears and brown sugar

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