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The Environment is not only an issue where you live, it is an issue in the world of coffee.  Did you know that with the way the environment is changing, your morning cup of coffee is in danger?  Yep, you heard it here first!!


The Arabica coffee plant when grown at higher elevations contributes to a better quality cup.  Keeping the coffee cherry on the plant until the exact perfect moment (when the sugars are optimal) contributes to more flavor, sweetness, and other desirable flavors that we all desire in our cup of specialty coffee.


This is all being compromised by climate change.  Research is showing that rising temperatures, will bring more droughts, increase the range of diseases and kill insects that help pollinate coffee plants. This forcing farmers to grow their coffee plants up higher up the mountain where they are more susceptible to a shorter growing season not allowing the cherry to ripen to its fullest.

Research is showing that by 2050 more than 50% of the land currently used to grow Specialty coffee will be unproductive.  One study at The Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, UK has shown that a best case scenario would be a reduction of 65% by 2080, yet more realistically a 99.7% reduction.


So how does this impact us?

Well, we are in the specialty coffee business and rely on the long-term sustainability of great coffee and want to do our part to ensure that we are slowing down climate change.  It is not only us, it is all of us together.  The

coffee industry needs your help as well.  That is why we started Harrisons "At Home".  "At Home" is a program where we share in the responsibility and you not only sleep well knowing you did your part to help the environment, and the coffee industry, you save money. 

So, how does it work?

Come into any of our cafes and buy your first "Jar" of Harrisons "At Home" for $20.00.  Currently, we are offering 4 varieties.  2 of which are Manana, which is one of our more popular coffees that reminds me of a Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar, and Huehuetango which reminds me of praline and chocolate.  (these are subject to change without notice)

Drink your coffee "At Home" as you normally would.  French press, Drip, Espresso, V60.  Whatever you are feeling works for you that day and of course enjoy it with family and friends.  You deserve that part, as you are changing the world.

When you have finished the coffee in your Jar, make sure you give it a good wash, then bring it back to any of our cafes with the lid and you get a full jar with your choice of the coffees we have available in the "At Home" program for $17.50..  You just saved $2.50 and made a difference for our planet all while drinking great specialty coffee.  Pair this with our Loyalty Program and you save even more. 

Then what? 

Drink, Wash, Repeat!  We see this as a WIN, WIN!


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